Nutrition round-up: USN, Multipower and Alibi

The latest sports drinks and bars to hit our desks

Here’s a roundup of the latest nutrition products we’ve been sent which will apparently improve our performance before, during and after riding.



Ultimate Sports Nutrition have a new range of endurance products including ready-made drinks, gel sachets, drink powders and tablets which have been “scientifically formulated and are packed with electrolytes and key nutrients”.

At £29.99 for 900g, Cyto Power HP is a reconstituted drink which “replenishes electrolytes, minerals and fluids in sufficient quantities during activity (if used as directed), thereby reducing the risk of cramping”. 

USN’s Recover Xcell at £19.99 for 1kg is a post training recovery drink / energy, amino acid and electrolyte replacement drink to use after long periods of intense physical activity.

Other products in USN’s endurance range include Vooma Caffeine Gel Sachets, Cramp Block tablets and Epic Pro All In One powder.  Head to for more information.

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We reviewed Alibi’s first blend of ‘pretox’ drink in May 2009 and were less than impressed. Alibi went back to the drawing board and have released an updated blend of their pomegranate drink which we’re pleased to say tastes a lot better.

It has to be chilled for ultimate enjoyment, and we can’t yet confirm the company’s claims that it will “help offset all the bad things in life”. More information can be found at

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Multipower have added a Whey Protein Iso Complex (£40 for 2.25kg tub) to their range which will apparently help boost muscle recovery after intense exercise. There’s a Re-charge Drink (£15 for 800g tub) and Recovery Bar (£42 for 24 bars), too. More information is available at

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