Nutter multi-tool nears production

Kickstarter funding backs innovative magnetic bike tool

London-based design firm Full Windsor have added another product to their line of bicycle accesories. This time, it’s a multi-tool that goes by the name of Nutter. Entering an already-crowded market, the device sets itself apart with a design that turns the tool itself into a handle, offering more leverage than most conventional models.


The Nutter is a 12-function multi-tool that packs in all features vital for most repairs on most bikes. There’s an assortment of Allen keys ranging from 3mm to a usefully large 8mm, plus both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver and a T25 Torx head for pesky disc rotors.

Rather than the tools being permanently attached to the body of the Nutter, removable bits attach magnetically via two housings inside the tool’s structure. It’s the same sort of system you find on many magnetic screwdrivers. This means the tool can be adapted in seconds but with every different ‘bit’ getting the same leverage action supplied by the large body of the Nutter. 

There’s even a tool bit extender to get past most clearance issues, which mutli-tools can struggle with. Full Windsor assure us that all tool parts supplied are made from durable chrome vanadium steel.

A 15mm box head spanner sits at the far end of the tool, which is useful for those of us with bolted axles but not suitable as a pedal spanner. The design also includes a glass-filled nylon tyre lever with a steel core, along with a spoke key and even a bottle opener, perfect for that mid- or post-ride beverage.

The Nutter even comes wrapped in an attractive pouch made from a combination of leather and recycled inner tubes. It’s been designed so that it can be hung securely from your saddle rails or top tube but is small enough to be stored in a saddle bag or jersey pocket. It tips the scales at a claimed weight of 100g, or 185g including the pouch.

Full Windsor say their multi-tool is nearing the point of production. They’ve been receiving funding via crowdsource platform Kickstarter. With over 160 people already putting down a total of more than £7,000 towards Full Windsor’s £8,000 target, and with 43 days of the pledge remaining, the Nutter looks set to smash its aim.


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