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Oakley launches customisation programme with “40-million different combinations”

New customisation programme allows customers to customise 14 different models

New Oakley customisation programme for sunglasses

Oakley has launched an all-new programme that allows customers to customise their sunglasses with, according to the brand, over 40-million different combinations to choose from.


Depending on the exact model of sunglasses, you can customise the colour and specifications of a number of different components.

Taking the iconic Jawbreaker as an example, you can change the colour of the frame; the colour of the lower half (the jaw) of the frame; the lens tint and type; the colour of the ear socks; and the colour of the Oakley icon, and ‘carrier’. It’s also possible to have a message etched onto certain frames.

Including casual and snowsports models, there are 14 different models to choose from, such as the aforementioned Jawbreaker, and classics like the Evzero, Sutro and more.

Jack Luke custom sutro oakley
It’s possible to make a really funky pair of glasses.

It’s hard to put an exact figure on how much extra the customisation programme will set you back – again, it’s dependent on the exact spec you go for. However, looking at the Sutro as an example, opting for a colourful frame, changing to a different coloured lens, and changing the colour of the legs adds roughly a £20 premium over the standard pair.

The customisation service is available direct from Oakley (online or in store) and through select Sunglass Hut stores.

The tool was actually “soft-launched” last year and was picked up by a few eagle-eyed Oakley fans at the time, but this is the official launch of the service that encompasses all 14 available models.


Fiddling around in the tool is great fun and it’s possible to make a truly wild pair of sunglasses. Be sure to share any screenshots of your favourite configuration in the comments below.