Oakley Heritage Collection celebrates 30 years

Throwback models, plus retro colors for current styles

As they say, what once was old is new again. Oakley has resurrected the molds for the classic Razor Blades and Eyeshade sunglass models that put the company on the map three decades ago. So if you missed the boat the first time around, you’ve now got a chance to hop onboard.


The Eyeshade is the more radical of the two throwback models with its enormous ski goggle-like profile that covers nearly the entire face. Though strange-looking today, it was revolutionary back in its time with its unusually durable polycarbonate lens, comfortable fit, and array of available colors. And from a marketing perspective, it was certainly unmistakable in race footage and printed imagery.

Oakley moved slightly more mainstream with the Blades and Razor Blades models a couple of years later. Oakley managed to retain the high-quality fit and then-unmatched optical quality and yet boosted public visibility even further with a large number of possible color combinations on the mix-and-match frame design.

Missed your chance at owning a pair of oakley razor blades back in the 1980s? now you’ve got a second chance but keep in mind that oakley will only be making 10,000 samples:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Missed your chance at a set of Oakley Razor Blades back in the day? They’re back

While Oakley has brought back the ‘new’ Eyeshade and Razor Blades, neither is an exact reproduction. The frames will now sport small ‘2014’ identifiers and the lenses will bear a ’30’ icon in one corner to distinguish them from the originals. Oakley also updated the nosepiece materials, and although there will several colors available, the selection is nowhere like what it used to be back in the day.

The Heritage Collection Eyeshade and Razor Blades will, however, include both straight and ‘trigger’ earstems and commemorative guitar picks just like they used to, along with storage bags. The Eyeshade will cost US$200 and production will be limited to 5,000 pieces. The Razor Blades will be slightly less expensive at US$180-190 depending on lens color, and they’ll also be more widely available with 10,000 units planned.

James Huang/Future Publishing

Heritage Collection glasses will be marked with small ‘2014’ identifiers to separate them from true vintage samples

Oakley will apply the retro touch to several existing models, too. The Frogskins – a retro model that was already reintroduced a couple of years ago – will be offered in throwback colors for US$130-140 with 15,000 units made.

Also included in the Heritage Collection – in unlimited quantities – are the current Radar, Radarlock Path, Racing Jacket and Flak Jacket XLJ, all with subtle seafoam color accents.

Some buyers might not identify the seafoam colors with old oakley models but they could certainly still find the retro-themed heritage collection radar (left) and radarlock (right) appealing nonetheless:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Oakley will also apply the retro touch to several current models with subtle black, grey, white and seafoam graphics


For more information on Oakley’s ‘new’ Heritage Collection – or to pick up a pair – visit the company’s web store.