Oakley launches optics-integrated, slippery and well ventilated road helmets

Visor held in place via the magic of magnets, tension courtesy unique BOA dial system

Oakley is, of course, best known for its vast range of high quality shades, but the company has just announced that is launching a range of three road helmets later this year.


Oakley ARO7

The ARO7 is an out-and-out TT or Tri lid. And it has magnets, so you know it’s fancy

The ARO7 — said to be inspired by the “shape of racing cars” — is a MIPS equipped triathlon/TT helmet that includes a fully integrated visor.

A clear or Prizim Road version of the visor — or shield as Oakley describes it — is available, and is attached to the helmet via the magic power of magnets.

A BOA dial tightens up a thin lace that runs around the circumference of the helmet

Rather interestingly, the helmet uses a Boa FS1-1 dial to tension a super thin lace that runs inside the helmet. This is said to reduce pressure on a rider’s temple and, should you damage the dial, replacement parts are readily available.

The shape is far less extreme than other TT helmets we’ve seen before and is available in either black or white.

Oakley ARO5

The ARO5 is Oakley’s new, everyday, aero-ish helmet

The ARO5 is Oakley’s MIPS equipped, all-round, aero-optimised, everyday lid and shares the same Boa retention system that is used on the ARO7.

The helmet doesn’t include integrated optics, but its shape is said to work seamlessly with Oakley’s shades, with a “dedicated eyewear dock” that looks a little similar to POC’s Eye Garage.

The helmet is available in a range of six different colours, so you should have no issues matching your kit, which as we all know, is crucial to your performance.

Oakley ARO3

The ARO3 is optimised to keep your head cool over all else

The ARO3 is similar in shape to the ARO5, but optimises ventilation over all else, losing some of the wind-cheating sculpting in favour of large, cooling vents.

The helmet shares the same retention system and glasses dock as the ARO5. Likewise, it is also available in six different funky shades.


Oakley has actually been producing a range of snowsports helmets for some time now, so this isn’t a totally new direction for the brand and we’re really looking forward to trying these out.