Oakley touts fog-fighting nosepiece with new Flight Jacket and Field Jacket

Pivoting 'Advancer' nose piece works with a small lever

Oakley today launched its new Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses with a pivoting nose bridge the company is calling ‘Advancer’. Flipping a small lever on the glasses’ bridge causes the nose piece to rotate slightly away from the frame, in turn pushing the glasses away from the face to allow for air flow to deal with lens fogging.


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The Flight Jacket has a large lens with a tall, frameless center section. The Field Jacket is for prescription lenses.

Pivoting the nosepiece away from the frame allows for more airflow to deal with fogging, Oakley says
Courtesy Oakley

Both glasses are available now at Oakley.com, Oakley stores and some retailers.


Click through the gallery above for a closer look at both pairs of glasses and the Advancer mechanism.

Pressing down on the Advancer lever ‘advances’ the frame forward from the face
Courtesy Oakley

A short Oakley clip on the Advancer glasses