Obree to stand for Glasgow University Rectorship

Serial bike inventor nominated for prestigious role

Graeme Obree is set to represent student rights

Graeme Obree, serial cycling innovator and two-time Hour Record holder, is a candidate to represent the rights of students to senior management at Glasgow University, where he once studied.


Obree, 48, has been nominated to stand as Rector by Glasgow University Sports Association (GU SA) and Glasgow University Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans, Queer, Plus Society (GU LGBTQ+).

In a statement, the student societies said Obree, as a Scottish sports legend, inventor and role model, was the perfect candidate for the post, which has previously held by actors Ross Kemp and Richard Wilson, Nelson Mandela’s former wife, Winnie, and ex Lib-Dem leader, Charles Kennedy.

The Rectorship – a historic post in Scottish universities – lasts for three years and is designed to voice student concerns to senior management. Obree was chosen to promote excellence and participation in sport and to promote diversity.

Last year, Obree set a new world record for cycling in the prone position: 91.12kmh (56.62 mph) at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA.

The Rectorship election will be held on 17 to 18 February.

Graeme obree on his book the obree way

Video: Graeme Obree on his book ‘The Obree Way’