Oh look, a €4,950 disc wheelset from Lightweight

1,245g mid-depth disc wheels

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This latest wheelset from Lightweight is the first disc option to bear the Meilenstein name, and as should be expected from the German carbon experts, it’s impressively light for a mid-depth wheelset.

These wheels are the first disc-friendly option to bear the Meilenstein name

The Meilenstein disc wheels are 48mm deep and have a profile that is said to “reduce air turbulence and improve aerodynamic factors.”

In line with industry trends, the rims have increased in width from the previous generations, ballooning to 24mm wide — making them an ideal match for tyres sized 25–32mm.

The carbon hubs have a funky pentagonal shell

The wheels are built around Lightweight’s own carbon hubs that have a pentagonal profile. Lightweight claims this makes for “ideal force transmission to the 20 carbon spokes,” resulting in a wheel that is claimed to be 10 percent stiffer than the previous generation and that has “increased braking force and improved precision.”

The wheels have a weight limit of 120kg, with the tubular version weighing in at 1,245g and the clinchers 1,380g — an impressively low weight given their aero-friendly dimensions.

As is always the case with Lightweight, the wheels are rather expensive

As is always the case with Lightweight, the real story here is the price. At €4,950 for the clincher wheelset and €3,900 for the tubulars, these aren’t the most insanely priced wheels out there, but they are still well out of reach for all but a few.

They still look like a bargain compared to the €6,670 wheels we looked at from Lightweight earlier this year


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