Old school mountain bikers, check this out

Rocky Mountain relives its freeride past

Any mountain biker who remembers the late ’90s / early 2000s can likely recall having their mind blown by a few crazy Canucks. At the absolute forefront of those riders was Wade Simmons. Over and over he made the impossible possible, all on bikes made of aluminum with linkage plates holding the suspensions pieces. 


Wade’s Pipedream

The early 2000s saw a rapid, feverish change in mountain bikes. Full suspension was being sorted out, strengthening gussets were added, and linkage plates provided an industrial latticework that announced these bikes weren’t like any that had gone before.

Old school cool

To highlight Rocky Mountain’s commitment to freeride since day one, the British Columbia-based company decided to build a special, one-off commemorative frame for its long-time pro freerider, Wade Simmons. Simmons’ custom, old-school bike, the Pipedream, incorporates many of the original designs with modern spec and geometry.