Olympics gives BMX a boost – the next big thing?

More on show, more on sale

Following its debut in the Beijing Olympics, the sport of Bicycle Motocross (BMX) is seemingly on the rise. The recent Interbike trade show had more than usual BMX frames, full bikes and components on offer and it was hard to avoid the hype surrounding the sport’s inclusion in the Olympics.


Latvian pro rider Maris Strombergs rode a One BMX bike to victory in the men’s BMX final in Beijing. We’ve just heard that One Bicycles are to be exclusively sold in the UK by Posh Bikes.

“We have been waiting years for the BMX racing scene to gain real momentum in the UK again and in the last few weeks we’ve noticed the whole scene go mad,” Andy, designer at Posh Bikes told us.

“Since the Olympics our customers’ interest in BMX racing has totally overtaken all other areas of cycling. Most seem to be 30-40 old-school BMXers that burst back into life after the Olympics and want to buy all the cool stuff they couldn’t afford as kids.”

These things aren’t pocket money prices either, with frames at £385, complete bikes from £580, and if you want the Olympic-standard outfit it’ll be a cool £1580. Posh Bikes say they’ve already specced BMX bikes at £2000-£2500.

If you would like to see Maris Strombergs and the One BMX in action, check out: http://www.bmxaction.net/item/olympic-bmx-video-men-final


So, will you be returning to your youth and adding a BMX to your stable? Let us know in the comments box below.