OneBike: a folding electric and exercise bike

Combination concept bike

The OneBike is a concept bike that combines two pedal powered activities into one: a stationary/exercise bike, as you might ride in a spin class, which once folded out from its cradle is an electric bike.


The idea is that while riding the bike in its cradle you’re charging up the battery ready to buzz round town when the bike is in e-bike mode. There’s no details on how long you’ve got to ride to fully charge the batteries, but with no additional power needed, the bike should be greener than a standard e-bike.

At the moment it’s a concept designed by Byoung-soo Choi and Jun-kyeong Ki from Hoseo Univerity, Korea, and it’s just won a 2011 Spark Concept Design Award silver prize.


Can it work in reality? Getting the power from the pedals to turn the wheels is going to be a challenge, and we’d want to see a safe way of steering and braking. We’ll leave that to the engineers…