OneUp Components cranks out 35g chain guide for 1x users

Clever ISCG05-mount guide for Narrow Wide chainring users

OneUp Components, the 1x drivetrain specialist, has released details of a US$45 top chainguide for single-ring riders. Said to weigh just 35g, the ISCG-05-mount chain guide is claimed to eliminate dropped chains forever and 'save you money by doubling your chainring life'.


For many, a 1x drivetrain setup with a narrow-wide chainring and clutch-equipped derailleur will provide a drop-free riding experience. However, severe conditions (mud), longer-travel bikes and overly aggressive riders do occasionally drop chains, and it’s why you’ll see so many chainguides at the Enduro World Series.

[caption id="attachment_132727" align="alignnone" width="620"][image id="132727" size="full"]The oneup components iscg05 chainguide is ultralight at only 35g : [/caption]

OneUp Components' first chain guide looks rather nice

While the dropped chain prevention makes sense, how exactly does a chain guide reduce wear? According to OneUp: “As a narrow-wide ring wears, over time the teeth thin and loose their chain retention ability, leading to more dropped chains. The OneUp guide extends the life of a narrow-wide ring by limiting the chain's side-to-side movement reducing tooth wear and totally preventing the chain from derailing. Installing a OneUp guide means you now only have to replace your chainring when the driving faces have worn out, which typically doubles your usable chainring life.”

Compared to long-lasting stainless steel narrow-wide chainrings, OneUp Components claims their alloy rings and guide together are still competitive in both price and weight, while providing assured chain drop protection.

[caption id="attachment_132731" align="alignnone" width="620"][image id="132731" size="full"]With an open bottom, the new guide is said to work with oval-shaped chainrings too : [/caption]

Oval rings work too, OneUp states

The guide is adjustable to work with chainrings from 26 to 38t in size. An open bottom means there are no issues using oval rings, and it’s said to have clearance for new Boost frames too.

Installation appears ultimately easy due to the patent-pending design, for which OneUp claims you won’t even need to remove the cranks. This is achieved with the guide bolting to just two forward bolts of an ISCG-05 frame mount. From here, alignment is achieved by using the supplied shims behind the top guide itself to fine tune chainline position by up to 5.5mm. The top guide flips, and so you won’t need to unbolt the guide in order to remove the crank or replace a chainring.


Video that shows the install process

The guide has been through testing with the Yeti Cycles EWS team, passing the punishment inevitably delivered by the likes of Richie Rude and Jared Graves.

Wondering if your frame has an ISCG05 mount? Look behind the crank and around the bottom bracket shell, ISCG05-equipped frames will have three threaded tabs sticking out, the two forward-most or bottom tabs should be 55.92mm apart. Beware of older ISCG-OLD equipped frames, where the equivalent tabs are 47.77mm apart.

While only a ISCG-05 compatible model has been announced so far, we’re sure the guys at OneUp are working to bring other mounting options to market.


The US$45 (convert for UK and Aus pricing) guide includes stainless steel mounting bolts and both a green and black top guide. It’s globally available from