OneUp pedals into new territory with flats

Aluminium and nylon composite flat pedals from Squamish BC

Canadian brand OneUp is still relatively young, but it’s been pumping out new components at a blistering pace. Known for clever solutions and high-quality kit, the team at OneUp has just announced two new featherweight, ultra-thin flat pedals.


The new aluminium flats are claimed to measure just 8mm at the leading edge, and OneUp says its ultra-thin design allows maximum clearance over technical terrain and will limit the dreaded pedal strike.

Slightly thicker, the nylon composite version is claimed to measure 13mm on the leading edge.


Both the composite and aluminium versions are claimed to weigh 355g and see 10 replaceable steel pins on either side to help keep your feet connected to the pedal without a cleat.

With a 115mm x 105mm platform, the pedals also see a slightly contoured shape, which not only allows for such a thin leading edge but also maximises contact with your shoe.

The nylon composite pedals (top) are claimed to be 18mm thick while the aluminium version (bottom) are said to be just 8mm thick

To keep them spinning long into the future, OneUp opted for four double sealed, full cartridge bearings instead of bushings, and when it’s time to service and regrease, the unique cassette tool lock ring system and built-in bearing extractor should make disassembling the pedals an expletive-free process.

Available in aluminium and composite platforms, both see a chromoly steel axle and are set to retail for $125 and $48.


OneUp also says there are axle rebuild kits on the way as well as replacement pins and pin height adjustment kits.

Getting to the bearings should be a breeze given OneUp’s cassette tool lock ring system and integrated bearing extractor