Orbea Digit seatpost – first look

Affordable dropper seatpost alternative

Orbea's new Digit seatpost is an affordably-priced, manually-operated dropper alternative

When is a dropper post not a dropper post? When it’s Orbea’s new Digit seatpost. Droppers have to be one of the most useful innovations for mountain bikes in recent years, but most are rather pricey. The Digit sits like a cross between a dropper post and a conventional seatpost. Orbea claims it will retail for less than 100 Euros, and aim to fill a gap in the market for those who can’t afford a proper dropper, but who want some of the convenience they provide. (UK, US and Australian pricing has yet to be announced.) 


The digit looks a lot like a conventional seatpost with a quick-release setatclamp, but it consists of an inner post and an outer sleeve. A groove runs down the back of the inner post, which slots into the outer part, allowing it to slide up and down without rotating — keeping the saddle pointed forwards at all times. Screws set the height at which the post stops at the upper and lower ends of its travel, and can be adjusted to the rider’s preferred climbing and descending heights with as much as 200mm of travel between them. Simply pop open the quick-release seat clamp, drop or raise the post, and retighten the clamp. 

It’s not going to replace the conventional remote-operated dropper post, but should be a lot quicker and easier to use than a conventional seatpost. At this price, we think there could be a market for it, and we’re looking forward to putting one through the ringer in the near future. 


Availability is expected around September 2015.