Orbital Cycling Festival entries open

Family friendly cycle festival heads to Goodwood

Orbital Cycling Festival

Entries have opened for the first Orbital Cycling Festival at Goodwood Motor Circuit, which will also be hosting the famous Brompton World Championships and a through the night Audax-style ride for intrepid endurance riders.


The festival of racing and family friendly bike-based fun will take place between 26-28 July at the West Sussex motor circuit, where up 3,000 people can camp for the weekend.

At the centre of the action will be the 3.8km Goodwood race circuit which will host 10 events including the Tutti-frutti scratch race, a categorised mass start road race, a flying lap and an eliminator event which the organisers have dubbed The Tactician. Off-roaders will be able to race around a ‘cross course that follows the circuit’s perimeter.  

Away from the racing, organisers have partnered with six bike charities, including Sustrans, CTC and Re-Cycle which delivers bikes to rural African communities, to host various family-orientated cycling activities around the venue.

Anthony Auty event organiser said: “It’s a completely new concept for people. We’re trying to target people who might come along with the family, mum does a race, dad goes and does a race, the kids do a race and they all camp for the weekend.”

The draw card event will be the eighth annual Brompton World Championships, which was forced to find another venue after the cancellation of the popular Bike Blenheim Palace   event this year. The quirky race for folding bike enthusiasts  requires participants to dress in office gear and is raced by category. It also has an award for the most snappily dressed entrant.

Auty added that details of the 12-hour night ride – set to take place on the Friday – will be released. It will be held in conjunction with Audax UK and will start in Old Street in London, visit Brighton before heading to the circuit.

Event details, race entries and family passes – subject to an early bird discount for bookings before 31 March and additional money off for CTC, and British Cycling members– are available via the Orbital website.

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