OTE sports nutrition – 2015 range highlights

New products from the British sports nutrition brand

OTE's 2015 range includes new flavours and supplments

OTE launched in 2013 with the stated mission of bridging the gap between functionality and taste. Now that the range has been around for a while, and garnered plenty of praise from testers and professional riders alike, the British company has added new options to its range for 2015.

Topping OTE’s bill is a new blackcurrant-flavoured gel (£1.45 / £25.20 for 20), which joins lemon and lime, orange and pineapple options already on offer. We can attest to its tastiness, which is something like neat Ribena, giving a fruity, zingy. Each 56g gel gives 82 calories, 20.5g of carbs (4.8g sugar) and 28mg of salt.

Chocophobics seeking soya-based post-ride recovery now have the option of a strawberry shake (£40 for 20 servings). Each serving gets 184 calories back into you including 21g carbs (11g sugar), that all-important 23g protein and a who’s who of vitamins and minerals.

A zesty lemon and lime energy drink (£24 for 28 servings) joins the line-up and like the orange, vanilla and blackcurrant versions already available, it’s pH neutral and neither over sweet, nor blandly tasteless. Naturally flavoured, the drink is balanced with electrolytes and carbs to hydrate and fuel during long rides. Each 500ml serving contains 160 calories, 40g carbs (8.2g sugar) plus 0.9g salt and a mineral trio of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

All the single serve sachets have OTE’s clever opening design – a small tab at the top for sipping gels or pouring powder into bottles with narrow necks and a larger one for gulping gels or decanting powder into wider-necked bottles.

On top of that, OTE is also moving into other supplements, with the aim of offering everything the athlete needs from one online store. These include Omega-3 fish and krill oil (£15 for 60 capsules), Health and Immune capsules with vitamins and antioxidants (£20 for 120 capsules) and Super Greens – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in a drink mix (£25 for 30 servings).

International prices vary – OTE ships worldwide but US delivery restrictions apply. Find out more at www.otesports.co.uk