OTE sports nutrition: naturally flavoured gels and sports drinks

Brand new and a little different

OTE (On The Edge) is a new British sports nutrition company that’s set out to do things a little differently to the norm. “We want to bridge the gap between functionality and taste,” co-founder Peter Slater told BikeRadar, as he doesn’t believe any companies have really succeeded in doing this.


Slater, formerly of Science in Sport and a keen triathlete, teamed up with Matt Harrison and Shaun Pearson around a year ago to found OTE. It’s now reached fruition, pardon the pun, with three naturally flavoured energy gels and three flavours of energy drinks to help you get through your harder workouts and longer rides. There’s a protein recovery drink and energy bars on the way too.

The gels are designed to give you 20g of carbohydrate per 56g sachet, as this about what a fit male rider would consume every 20 minutes on a long ride. They also contain sodium, magnesium and potassium, the main electrolytes that help keep your fluid balance right. OTE were keen to point out that they’re not trying to promote themselves as the only solution (sorry) to your nutritional needs, they’re just another – and we have to say quite palatable – option.

OTE gels come in three flavours: pineapple with guarana, lemon/lime and orange:
Jeff Jones/Future Publishing

OTE is initially offering three gel flavours

The gels come in three flavours: orange, lemon/lime (£1.35 each) and pineapple with guarana (£1.75), and there’s a vanilla flavour in the pipeline. They are largely made from fruit juice concentrates with no artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. Based on our first few samples, they taste natural too. We’d go so far to say they’re first gel we’ve ever had that made us want another one immediately afterwards.

The drink sachets (£1.25 each) are available in blackcurrant flavour currently (this is what happens when the subeditor is away) with orange and vanilla flavours coming soon. They give you 40g of carbohydrate (160 Cal) per 43g sachet as well as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It’s pH neutral which OTE say should help you digest it more easily compared to more acidic drinks.

The drink sachet packet has two tear options too: for narrow or wide necked bottles:
Jeff Jones/Future Publishing

Two tear options on the sachets

The packaging on both the gels and drink sachets is a little different too: each has two tear options, one to sip/for small bottles, one to slurp/for wide neck bottles.


OTE is available directly from www.otesports.co.uk as well as through online retailers Wiggle and Ribble and selected bike and multisport shops via distributor Harris Active. They plan to distribute internationally too.