Our review ratings explained

What's outstanding, what's average and what's rubbish

Bike of the Year 2020 testing in the mountains of Gran Canaria

We rate every single product we review on BikeRadar with a score out of five.


In doing so, we take into account its performance relative to its rivals, its cost, its durability, its ‘I want’ factor and opinions of our experience team of reviewers.

We’re well aware that ratings mean different things to different people (and, indeed, can vary between publications), so here’s a quick overview of what our review scores mean.


5 stars – Exceptional: a genuine class leader

By definition, this is a rare occurrence – you can’t have more than one class leader.


4 stars – Very good: one of the best you can buy

Again, by definition, quite rare – not everything can be one of the best.


3 stars – Good: it’ll do the job and do it well

This is a positive review. The product is better than average.


2.5 stars – Average

This product will do the job but isn’t outstanding or poor when compared to others in its class.


2 stars – Below average: flawed in some way

This is a fair product, but for some design or material fault – a qualified recommendation.


1 star – Poor: simply put, don’t bother

We do not recommend readers buy this product.


0 stars – Dangerous, stupid or both


We do not recommend readers use this product at all.