Over to you: What’s the most annoying thing other cyclists do?

Bogey rockets, red light jumping and dangerous overtakes are our pet hates

Is it launching snot rockets at you, jumping red lights… or something else?

We’re all about the positive vibes at BikeRadar. We love cycling, you love cycling, let’s share the good times and enjoy ourselves. But there are a few things other riders do that harsh our mellow, and it often comes down to a lack of consideration for others. In fact, sometimes the offender isn’t even aware they’re doing it. Let’s solve that here and now.


Things that annoy us about other cyclists include: red light jumping — c’mon, you’re saving mere seconds while making us all look bad, it just gives fuel to the aggressive car drivers who think we should pay “road tax” and go around with licence plates on our backs; launching bogey rockets without checking for riders behind you (ew); littering; and our number one peeve, dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

That last one is particularly bad: just this week I was shocked by a fellow commuter on the busy Bristol-Bath cycle path, who picked a dangerous bottleneck near a school to dodge at speed between me and a group of young children. There was hardly any gap, he didn’t announce his presence with a bell, and he barely missed those kids. Flaming idiot.


So over to you, what’s the most annoying thing that other cyclists do? Let us know in the comments below!