Over to you: What’s the strangest thing you’ve crashed into?

Cars, badgers… inflatable arches? Tell us your horror stories

Adam Yates crashed spectacularly into an inflatable arch recently… How about you?

In a new regular series for BikeRadar, we want to hear from you, dear reader. We’ll come up with an interesting discussion topic and maybe one of our own horror stories, and ask you to share your experiences in the comments below. The funnier the better!


To kick things off, we want to know what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever crashed into?

Was it an inflatable arch? Orica-BikeExchange rider Adam Yates did just that earlier this week at the Tour de France, but still managed to dust himself off and collect the white jersey.

Tour de France 2016: Adam Yates crashes into collapsed inflatable arch

We’ve already had some great responses on Twitter and Facebook. Reader Daniel Warner says on Twitter he crashed into a seagull carrying an empty kebab wrapper. “Right in the face.” Ouch.

An even more random one comes from Andy Fountain, who says he narrowly avoided a double mattress being blow down the road in London. True story?

Parked cars are a common danger for cyclists, but over on our Facebook page, Dan Whatley says he barreled into the back of a milk van.

And finally, again on Facebook, Gary Fodden remembers a pain we can all sympathise with: “Nothing! Riding along straight road in good condition, next thing I’m over the bars and on my face! Still don’t know what happened to this day!”


So, over to you – what’s the strangest thing you’ve crashed into? Let us know in the comments below…