Pacenti introduces Quasi-Moto 650B knobby tyre

Second 650B knobby in less than a year

Bicycle frame designer and 650B knobbie evangelist Kirk Pacenti will introduce his 550g 650B x 2.0 Quasi-Moto race tyre in late June. The Pacenti Quasi-Moto will retail for US$55h. “This is my second tyre in less than a year,” Pacenti said. “This shows my commitment to the 650B platform.”


According to Pacenti, the Quasi-Moto tyre uses the same high volume casing as the Pacenti Neo-Moto but with a lower knob profile, smaller blocks and a more open tread pattern. The Quasi-Moto has been designed as a hard pack to semi-loose cross-country and endurance racing tyre.