Panache releases Move casual line

Shorts and button-up shirts for cyclists off the bike

Panache Cyclewear, a Boulder, Colorado-based company that specializes in high-end custom cycling clothing, just released its new line of Move casual clothes. With a short and button-up shirt design in a few different weights and styles, the Move collection isn’t designed as commuter wear so much as casual clothing for cyclists to wear off the bike.


“The reason that we’re making this is that as cyclists we don’t really have an off-the-bike brand to wear,” said Panache founder Don Powell. “Whereas as a surfer or a hiker, you have a ton of choices. We wanted something not just for our own design aesthetic as cyclists, but for our active lifestyle and body type.”

Panache designer corey moxon in the us$115 move button-up shirt:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing
The US$115 Panache Move Button-Up Shirt

While there are subtle nods to jersey design – such as the arm bands and across-the-chest swatch of fabric – the clothing is a far cry from wearing a baggy jersey as a shirt or cycling club team socks for everyday wear.

 “It’s performance casual wear,” Powell said. “It’s not necessarily for riding around town on the bike, but it certainly functions that way. It’s not necessarily to commute in, although you could. Not necessarily built for mountain biking, although you could.”

Both shorts and shirts are stretchy, with some water-resistant elements. The textured fabric on the inside of the shirt is wicking, and won’t stick to the skin, Powell said.

The textured wicking fabric moves well against the skin, panache says:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing
The textured, wicking fabric moves easily against the skin, Panache says

“We wanted to build clothing for cyclists, who are active individuals,” he said. “You might jog to dinner, or chase your kids around in the park, so it’s made for movement and it’s wicking. Cyclists aren’t really afraid of the elements, so there is a bit of water-resistance.”

The US$115 Move Button-Up Shirt has a hidden rear pocket that fits a smartphone. It comes in four different fabric types, plus multiple color options for each. The US$110 Move Button-Fly Short come in three styles, and the rear pockets can fit cycling water bottles. Sizes are XS-XXL.

Panache is selling the clothing through its website.


A hoody, pants and technical t-shirts are in the works.

The panache move button-fly short:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing
The US$110 Panache Move Button-Fly Short