Park Tool boosts range with new tools

Preset torque drivers and updated hanger tool

Park Tool’s blue is arguably the most visible hue in cycling workshops. The US tool brand’s cycle-focused products and strong distribution often makes it the obvious choice when a tool is needed for a specific task.


In order to keep with forever changing standards, every few months, Park Tool will add a few more items to its ever-expanding inventory. Arriving in time for the US summer, Park Tool has added a range of preset torque wrenches along with an adjustable model and a new bottom bracket tool – and has updated its popular derailleur hanger tool.

Torque wrenches

Park Tool already had click and beam-style torque wrenches in its range, but has now added some smaller 1/4in magnetic-bit models in order to compete with the likes of the Ritchey Multi-Torqkey and the CDI Preset wrenches.

The Preset Driver (pictured up top) will be offered in factory-set 4, 5 or 6Nm configurations, with identification given through the use of black, green and red respectively.

The adjustable torque driver can be switched between 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6nm. it houses the 1/4in bits within the handle:

The ATD Adjustable Torque Driver

Putting those three tools into one, the Adjustable Torque Driver allows you to switch between the commonly used torques of  4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 or 6 Nm.

The tools are made of an all-metal internal construction and feature a composite grip for comfort. A small range of popular size 1/4in bits are provided with each tool and stored within the handle.

The preset models will retail for US$45 each, while the adjustable model is US$73.

Bottom bracket tools

New bottom brackets call for new tools – the bbt-79 is designed for use with 12 notch/46mm bottom brackets used to house bb30 cranks in traditional threaded frames:

The BBT-79 46mm bottom bracket tool is designed to fit a new type of threaded, external bearing bottom bracket that works with 30mm spindle cranks, such as the Race Face Cinch, Rotor BSA30 and Zipp Vuma.

This 12-notch/46mm tool features a 3/8in square drive. Retail is US$30.

Sometimes it’s the little things, this little hook will save you from reaching for that little screwdriver, awl or similar to lift the safety cap on the cranks:

Used for removing and adjusting the plastic preload cap in your Shimano cranks, Park has updated its adjusting cap tool. The addition of a little hook is there to help lift those pesky safety plates that sit between the two pinch bolts. The rest of the tool remains the same, allowing the use of a 8mm hex wrench if the cap is really stuck. This item is US$11.

DAG 2.2 derailleur hanger tool

The new dag2.2 improves clearance on tricky frames and offers tighter tolerances :

Tighter gaps with 11-speed shifting and newer thru-axles designs have called for an update to the derailleur hanger gauge. The new DAG 2.2 offers a longer tip to clear troublesome dropouts and axles, tighter tolerances for less free-play in use and an upgraded inner shaft for improved strength.

The new DAG2.2 will retail at US$75.


The park tool inf-2 shop inflator is designed for daily workshop use:

Lastly, the US$150 Shop Inflator for use with an air compressor receives an upgrade. The INF-2 now features a more durable, dual-sided, 360º rotatable Presta and Schrader head. The body is also lighter, while a redesigned trigger is said to offer multiple hanging options.


UK and Australian pricing was not yet available at the time of writing.