Park Tool PRS-33 Power Lift workshop stand

One for the fantasy bike workshop

Park Tool recently unvelied what could be thought of as the ultimate bike workshop stand. The PRS-33 Power Lift uses an electric motor to smoothly lift up to 54kg (119lb) anywhere from 6in above the ground to a 6ft 6in height.

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Sitting on a 52kg (115lb) base plate that’s been designed to be bolted down, Park say this is the strongest and stiffest stand they’ve ever built, and we’re inclined to believe them! After all, this stand has more in common with a four poster lift you’d find in a car garage than it does with your regular bicycle workshop stand.

Mechanics also get an an accessory bar for hanging components, along with an integrated work tray. Bikes are held in position by a versatile new clamp head that’s capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. If you’re willing to stump up the extra cash, the PRS-33 can even be extended with another identical arm on the opposite side.

Although we doubt this sort of installation can be justified by many, even the biggest of shops, it will still hold its place in the BikeRadar fantasy workshop.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to buy one for yourself, a full setup with both arms (as pictured) drops in at £2,349.99 (US$3,395.85). Or, if you need time to save up, you can buy the PRS-33 with just the one head and without the base for £1,299.99 (US$1,899.95). 

The base costs £249.99 (US$319.95), and all the hardware required to install an additional arm is £799.99 (US$1,175.95).

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