Partner promotion: 42% off Fox Unabomber Gloves

Buy them for £22.00 from Leisure Lakes Bikes

BikeRadar has partnered with Leisure Lakes Bikes this week to offer our readers 42% off the retail price of Fox Unabomber gloves.


These full-finger off-road gloves are available in red or black. They normally retail for £38.00 but this week you can get them for just £22.00. They’re an ideal Christmas present for the mountain biker in your life.

Just visit the Leisure Lakes Bikes store, add the Unabomber Gloves to your basket and enter the voucher code FOX40 at checkout.

BikeRadar’s reviewers have praised the Fox Unabomber gloves over the years, calling them “great fitting, multi-discipline glove that can take the hits”.

Hurry, the offer will only run until 12 December 2013.

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