Partner promotion: 60% off Science in Sport Endurance bundle

Stock up for winter on Go Electrolyte, Rego Recovery and Go Isotonic Gels

Buy this Science in Sport Endurance Bundle for just 49.99, saving 60% off the recommended retail price

Long winter rides might be a way off yet but there’s no harm in preparing for them now. That’s why this week we’ve partnered with ProBikeKit to offer 60% off a ton of Science in Sport nutritional products.


What you get: two 1.6kg tubs of Go Electrolyte and Rego Rapid Recovery drink powder, a box of 30 Go Isotonic gels, an 800mL water bottle and a protein shaker – all for just £49.99/US$80.35 (RRP £128/US$174.89).

All you need to do is visit the ProBikeKit store, buy the Science in Sport bundle and enter RADARBUN at the checkout to claim your discount.

The offer is available worldwide and runs for one week only, from 4-10 October.

Bundle includes:

  • Science in Sport Go Electrolyte 1.6kg Tub
  • Science in Sport Rego Rapid Recovery Drink Powder – 1.6kg Tub
  • Science in Sport Go Isotonic Gel 60ml – Box of 30
  • Science In Sport Pro Issue Yellow 800ml Bottle
  • Science in Sport Protein Shaker

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