Partner Promotion: CAD$100 off Singletrack Six

Ride the majestic Singletrack Six

Six days of awesome mountain-biking on the best trails and single track western Canada has to offer. If that sounds like the sort of adventure to startle and amaze you and leave you buzzing, put the Singletrack Six on your bucket list. Then do it. 


Organisers have pulled together expertise from the dedicated mountain bike communities in Alberta and British Columbia to create the perfect brew of cross country, enduro and time trial stages over six days – and BikeRadar readers can access a discount on the event, which takes place between 26 and 31 July.

Riders will be treated to show-stopping vistas and jaw-dropping trails in high alpine landscapes, arid desert-like plains and descents through lush forest. At each stage post, local communities will welcome supporters and families with festivals and events for every age.

To claim CAD$100 off the entry, visit Singletrack Six to sign up and use the voucher code ‘SingletrackSix100’. The offer starts today and ends on 26 July 2014 – race day.   

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