Partner Promotion: Continental GP4000S tyres for £23.48 each

Save 48 percent on the recommended retail price with ProBikeKit

It’s Friday which can only mean one thing – we’re back with another great BikeRadar Recommends offer!


Our partners ProBikeKit are offering a hard-to-resist, 47% off the recommended retail price for Continental Grand Prix 4000S clincher road tyres. That’s a price of just £23.48 each. The GP4000S delivers traction and stability using its uniquely developed BlackChili compound coating, whilst delivering race-standard speed every time. 

Highlights of the offer:

  • Enter voucher code BRADC10
  • BikeRadar users’ price – £23.48 (RRP £44.95)
  • Best selling, reliable endurance tyre

Don’t forget these offers are limited, so you’ve only got seven days to get the tyre at this great price. Get yours now here.

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