Partner promotion: Proviz high visibility cycling gear

25 percent off all purchases

If you’re in the market for affordable high visibility cycling kit, you can get 25 percent off everything at until 30 June.


Proviz are a UK company that specialise in high vis gear for cyclists, runners, horse riders and motorcyclists. They sell a full range of clothing, helmets and other accessories, including a number of LED-based and electroluminescent light emitting products.

We like the look of the Hi-Visibility Cycling Rucksacks (£29.99 to £39.99). They’re water resistant, fluoro backpacks that come in two sizes, including a water bladder compartment (bladder purchased separately), plus plenty of room to carry your kit. There’s also a range of front and rear light sets, and reflective arm and leg bands that look like handy accessories for riding in poor light. They’re all well under £20 too.

As a special deal for BikeRadar readers, Proviz are offering 25 percent off everything from 14-30 June. All you need to do is visit the Proviz store and enter the voucher code 25OFF at checkout. They offer free delivery within the UK and will also ship around the world subject to normal shipping costs.

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