Patchnride 60-second puncture repair system – first look

New product claims to repair your flat without you even having to remove the tyre

This all-new take on puncture repair, known as the Patchnride, is straight out of Hollywood. It claims to be able to repair a punctured tyre without it needing to be removed from the wheel, in less than one minute. The product is said to provide a fast, convenient and permanent fix for everything from road tubular and clincher tyres to mountain bike rubber. 


First, you wipe a supplied leak-detector solution along the tyre and look for bubbles to locate the leak. Next, the Patchnride device is primed by pulling back a slider and touching a start button. The slider loads a repair patch, while the start button releases an adhesive, ready to insert into the damaged section of the tyre.

The slider is then pushed forward where it penetrates into the tyre and is immediately pulled out. The repair patch and adhesive are left within the tyre – pressure must then be briefly applied on the repair to allow the adhesive to set. Then just reinflate the tyre as usual and you’re away. 

Patchnride tool:

The Patchnride takes an alternative approach to puncture repair

The Patchnride system uses cartridges to hold the repair patches used in the repair process – these are known as patch pods. You need one patch pod per repair and there are two versions available – one for road tyres and one for mountain bikes and other wider applications. Patchnride will not work with tubeless tyres, yet the firm are aiming to release a tubeless version at the end of this year.

It’s almost the puncture repair equivalent of keyhole surgery and it sounds too good to be true. But there’s only one way to find out, and so we’ve requested one for testing. Meanwhile, the system is available to pre-order for US$30 on the Patchnride website.

Patchnride demonstrates the system in its promotional video below:

Patchnride demo

Video: Patchnride 60-second puncture repair demo