Paul Components has done the impossible and made bar ends cool

We're concerned by how good these bulbous $108 bar ends look

Bar ends have a bit of an image problem. Most often the preserve of cycle tourists and those that just won’t let that triple crankset go, they don’t exactly scream ‘cool’.


However, Paul Components — Chico-based purveyors of exquisitely machined boutique components — has done the seemingly impossible with the release of the Chim Chim, a high-end, ergonomically-designed bar end that actually looks good.

The one-piece bar ends are milled from a solid billet. Their bulbous and very smooth overall shape is designed to reduce hand numbness and relieve pressure on long rides. Some riders also find that bar ends can help add leverage on steeper climbs.

This is the only cockpit that has ever looked good with bar ends fitted
Paul Components

More importantly, the organic shape is actually pleasing to the eye, which can’t be said of other bar ends, which have a more functional and, dare I say it, nerdy aesthetic.

That they’re made by a legend of the bike industry, making some of the most lust-worthy boutique parts on the market, probably also helps.

The bar ends have a removable cap that allows them to be used as an additional stash-space. Matches, cleat bolts, master chainlinks or any other small bits and bobs can be stashed in here.

Paul Components cautions against using the Chim Chims on carbon bars and urges riders to check whether their bars are compatible with bar ends in all instances.

The Chim Chim sits at the high-end of the bar end market with a pair coming in at $108. They are available in silver, black or a highly polished finish. The latter commands an $18 upcharge, bringing them to $120. A pair is claimed to weigh 224g. 


They are available to buy direct from Paul now.