Paul Components just blue cover on its new limited edition colour

Chico based boutique brand releases parts in nineties throwback

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When Paul Components announced last September that it was releasing its full range of boutique, made in the USA components in a vibrant hue of purple, retro-bike-istas the world over celebrated the apparent return to a time when 3DV and canti brakes reigned supreme.

However, the run of purple components has now had its time, with the Chico based machine shop replacing the much-loved colour option with a new shade of blue.

Paul Components makes a huge range of parts and despite the fact I own no bikes that use canti’ brakes anymore, I really want these levers
Paul Components

While the new colour is not quite a full-on Yeti turquoise, it’s certainly an eye catching tone that will liven up even the most dreary of bikes.

These Set N’ Forget skewers are said to be much more secure than OEM Fox and Rockshox options. They’re also blue
Paul Components

Nearly all of Paul’s parts, from its new Set N’ Forget skewers to its much loved cantilever brakes are available for pre-order in the new colour with delivery expected in the next 6–8 weeks.

The blue parts will be produced in small batches over the next six months, with the line being discontinued — and presumably replaced with a new verdant hue — until “blue comes back into fashion”.

The Tall N’ Handsome seatpost we previously featured in 11spd is also available in the new colour
Paul Components

As the prototypical bike-hipster who appreciates all things old school, I’m an absolute sucker for a cheeky bit of anodizing — and so are you lot seemingly, given the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the inclusion of Paul’s Tall n’ Handsome seatpost in this edition of 11spd — and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t already building an entire bike in my head around these aqua delights.

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What do you think of the new parts? Are there any vintage anodized parts in your hoarder-drawer that you’ll never let go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.