Paul keeps the ’90s alive with purple ano

Riders asked and Paul delivered with limited edition purple

According to Paul Components, people haven’t stopped asking for anodized purple components. So with that, the Chico, California company’s latest batch of components is living it up in the oh-so-’90s hue.


Almost the whole range is available

Even though the purple ano color has limited availability, Paul didn’t skim on the parts on offer. Nearly all of the brand’s CNC’d goodies are available. 

Imagine gazing down on this majestic purple in real life

This includes the chunky and industrial Boxcar stem in seven size options, brake levers for all sorts of rim and disc stoppers, and brakes themselves, including the cable-actuated Klamper disc brake.

Since it’s the little details that can really highlight a custom build, Paul’s seat collars, quick-release axles, versatile Gino light mounts and the top-mount chain keepers have been included. 

It’s worth noting that Paul mentions, due to different alloys and anodization, the purple color shades can vary.

Paul’s Tall and Handsome seatpost definitely makes a statement in ano purple

And since it’s clear Paul listens to its customers, it notes that if you want some purple hubs or another of its accessories dipped in purple, send them an email at


You’re going to have to wait a bit on these, as Paul states it’s taking pre-orders with shipping in 4–6 weeks, which should be mid-July to August. 


For more info and to get your retro hands on some purple ano goodness, check out Paul’s site