Pearl Izumi wants you to ditch the earbuds

Cycling clothing company seeks to promote safety and awareness

Pearl Izumi has released a video asking riders to ditch the earbuds in an effort to promote safer, more responsible cycling.


“This film is really about interactions between people; riders with other riders, trail users and drivers. A lot of us have had frustrating interactions or close calls on the bike because we couldn’t communicate with another person. We want people to think about the broader effects of what is a personal decision, to wear earphones while riding, and encourage riders to be good to each other out there,” said Andrew Hammond, Pearl Izumi’s global brand manager.

Pearl Izumi wants you to not just think about your experience

Listening to music while riding is an issue our staff has tackled in opinion columns over the years as well.

What do you think?

Are earbuds a hindrance to safety on the roads and trails? Have you encountered issues with other cyclists using earbuds?


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