Pedaling in high heels and roller skates?

Podium Cycling sells a different kind of shoe covers

There are roadies who prefer subdued cycling kit, and there are those who like flashy clothing. For those who want to take it a step further, to the point of making riding mates and passers-by alike stare, enter Podium Cycling’s shoe covers.


With 11 graphics options made to look like the rider is wearing high heels or is riding barefoot, or has green monster feet or some other strange appendage, the Podium shoe covers are anything but subtle.

“A lot of our gear on PodiumShoeCovers and PodiumCycling tries to stray away from the norms of cycling apparel,” said company co-founder Jonathan Ciaccio.

The workboot shoecovers do look like boots at a quick glance:
“Did I just get passed by someone in work boots?”

The shoe covers come in three weights. The $30/£19 Summer is thin, like a time-trial aero cover. The $35/£22 Spring/Fall has a bit of insulation and the $40/£25 Winter is the heavy-duty option.

Other graphics include duck feet, old-school Converse, dress shoes, moccasins, flip flops, talons and roller skates.

Ciaccio and pro cyclist Phil Gaimon created the company two years ago. Podium Cycling also produces straightforward cycling clothing, including a full range of custom. They also do a series of “Share the Damn Road” jerseys.


The small American company is based in Gainesville, Florida, but ships internationally.

Think your friends will still ride with you if you wear these?: