Peugeot unveil SR1 concept bike

Stunning-looking rim-drive bicycle

While French car makers Peugeot do have a range of bikes, these days they’re not exactly know for their innovation when it comes to cycle design. So it was a bit of a surprise when we saw pictures of this SR1 concept bike.


It was on display at last week’s 80th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland alongside Peugeot’s new hybrid engine concept car, also named the SR1.

The bike’s designers clearly valued form and innovation over function – check out the spoke- and hubless rear wheel with rim drive system, and the leather ‘tyres’ – but it’s certainly a striking looking piece of kit.

Avid mountain biker Tim Andrew took the pictures for his motoring website, He reckons the bike could have some kind of hybrid drive system to match the SR1 car, with electric power and regenerative braking.

“Certainly, the whole concept bike is just a design exercise to supplement and complement the car, and in this respect it does an excellent job,” he says. “It mirrors the car’s unusual controls, techno bleached-look materials and fancy layout. Bikes have been extracted from the same, standard mould for so long that a concept such as this is refreshing and welcome.”


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