Phil Wood offering limited edition track hubset

Californian manufacturers celebrating 38 years on 1 April

Phil Wood & Company are offering a limited-edition run of their 3.5 track hubset in a range of colours to celebrate the company’s 38th anniversary on 1 April.


The San Jose, California-based manufacturers of hubs, bottom brackets, tools, lubricants and custom spoke cutting machines are selling the hubset through their US dealers, and retail pricing is set at US$575 for the silver set, according to general manager Garrett Enright.

Only 100 sets will be available, designed with a 3.5-inch flange and custom slotting. The hubs will only be available in 32 and 36-hole, with single fixed-cog drive-side threading, and in a 120mm rear dropout spacing. According to Enright, no other options will be made available.

“The hubs have been in development for over a year now,” he told BikeRadar. “We’re enhancing a few features, showing these to a few local shops.”

Shops in the UK will be offered the 90 Series, a 90mm track hub, later this year. Enright said: “These hubs will have an EU included in the serial number signifying that they are for the European market. We will not sell the 3.5 track hubs overseas, and we will not sell the 90mm track hubs in the United States.”

Limited edition phil wood 3.5 track anniversary hubset – silver standard.: limited edition phil wood 3.5 track anniversary hubset – silver standard.
Phil Wood & Company

Colours other than silver will cost more. There will be 50 silver hubs  (US$575/pair), 20 black ($605), 10 red ($655), five blue ($655), five green ($655), five purple ($655) and five gold plated, not anodised, hubsets for $900 a pair.


All hubs will be laser marked with a serial number signifying their position in the limited run. They will come with a stainless dog tag laser marked with the serial number and colour of the hub, along with the signatures of the designer and assembler. For more information, visit