Philips’ Darklight mountain bike movie looks simply stunning

Updated: Watch the full seven-minute movie here

Technology company Philips has teamed up with Specialized, director Mike Brown and three top Canadian mountain bikers to create what looks like one hell of an advert for its new TV ranges.


The movie, Darklight, features Canadian riders Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter and Matty Miles chucking themselves down Utah’s parched cliffs and hurtling through Oregon’s forests in pitch darkness, except for the LED lighting rigs illuminating their dust blooms and adorning their wheels.

The full movie

Philips claims that no special effects or post-production tricks have been applied: everything you see was created through practical means. A team of 30 worked a total of 38 nights to assemble the full seven-minute movie.

The bikers were riding custom Specialized Demo 8s, P-Series jump bikes and Stumpjumpers, and the results have been captured on drones, TomTom Bandit action cameras and RED Dragon rigs shooting at 4K resolution. As with the other movies in the Beyond The Ordinary series – Lightwaves on surfing, Afterglow on skiing – Darklight has been created as a showcase of the capabilities of Philips’ Ambilight TV technology.


We’ll have a behind-the-scenes look at how Darklight was created in the near future. For now, enjoy.

The darklight trailer…