Pietermaritzburg mountain bike world cup downhill footage

Joe Smith (CRC Nukeproof)'s helmet cam of the course

The mountain bike world cup kicks off in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa this weekend, with qualifying for the downhill today.


According to Cyclingnews.com’s race preview, the downhill course is 3.12km and “known more for the physical demands it places on the riders than its technical difficulty. A hard pedalling section in the middle called Khathala (“Tired” in Zulu) means that to do well requires power and endurance.”

Joe Smith, riding for CRC Nukeproof, strapped on a helmet cam during a practice run yesterday. As you can see, this course will really test the riders’ fitness.

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Pietermaritzburg 2012 Helmet Cam: Joe Smith of CRC Nukeproof (courtesy: MTBCut)