Pinarello’s latest bike is probably not what you think

But it still might make you faster than you've ever been

Pinarello only provided a sneak peek of its upcoming electric mountain bike

Okay, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Pinarello’s latest offering isn’t debuting at the Tour de France or being honed to perfection under Team Sky, instead the e-bike bandwagon has swung through Italy.


Pinarello’s Andromeda Hybrid 9.9 is the storied Italian company’s first electric bike. Interestingly, the press release mentions that this is “the first MTB of an unparalleled range of electric bikes.” That sure sounds like Pinarello has more e-bikes in the pipe. Perhaps even an e-road bike to take on the Giant Road-E+ or the Focus Project Y

Pinarello Andromeda features

  • Full carbon frame
  • Shimano Steps E8000 mid-drive 250W motor
  • 504W down tube battery
  • 25kph max speed
  • Claimed range: 100km (62miles)
  • Suspension fork with 120mm travel
  • 29 x 3.0in tires
  • 30mm width rims
  • Boost front and rear hubs
  • Claimed weight: under 20kg (44lbs)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Carbon Orange; Carbon Sky Blue

A high-end e-MTB hardtail

Pinarello admits to waiting for the e-bike market to gain momentum before jumping in. True to Pinarello tradition, the Andromeda is aimed at the higher end and enthusiast market.

The Andromeda is based on Pinarello’s Dogma XM and XC mountain bikes. It features a Shimano mid-mount motor, which in layman’s terms is a bottom bracket motor. The battery is in the down tube and the 29 x 3.0in tires lean away from pure cross-country and notion towards a more adventure, bikepacking, exploration type of machine.


To bolster that touring mountain bike suspicion, Pinarello added it has a multi-year contract with Alta Badia, which is a ski resort area in the Dolomites with an e-MTB sharing program that provides patrons with e-bikes to ride between the six villages.

Pricing and availability were not provided.