Pinarello’s latest gravel bike has taken us by surprise

Aero-optimised and highly adaptable gravel bike replaces GAN GR-S

The Grevil+ is Pinarello’s all-new, aero-optimised and highly adaptable gravel bike.

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Launched alongside its new Crossista+ cyclocross bike, the Grevil+ and the more affordable Grevil replace the firm’s outgoing GAN GR-S.  

Rather than adapt one of its existing road bike platforms, Pinarello claims to have designed the Grevil+ from the ground up.

The geometry of the bike is in line with wider trends in the gravel bike market, with a slightly higher than average stack — putting riders in a more comfortable position — paired with a slacker seat tube angle to improve deflection in the seatpost.

The bike is claimed to employ all sorts of other carbon-wizardry, striking a perfect mix of “asymmetry and reactivity”, to improve comfort and pedalling performance.

Aerodynamics have also been a consideration in designing the bike.

The bike features aero-friendly flaps that shroud the front caliper

The bike features a ‘Fork Flap’, a small shroud that covers the disc caliper in a bid to improve smooth airflow in this area.

The bike also features a heavily shaped, concave down tube, which places the bottle in a recess. This is also done in the name of improved aerodynamics and has been utilised on a number of Pinarello’s other bikes.

An additional bottle cage has also been fitted to the underside of the down tube.

It’s easy to poke fun at the concept of an aero gravel bike, but there’s no denying that for serious racers tackling long rides, small benefits will add up over the course of many hours.  

Compared to the integrated seat clamp design used on the Dogma, access to the clamp has been shifted to the front of the seatpost.

This has been done to stop bolts from clogging up with mud and to reduce the chances of water ingress into the frame. The surface area of the clamp has been increased considerably.

The new bike features the now near-defacto tyre clearances for a modern gravel bike; 42mm tyres on a 700c wheel or 2.1in on 650b wheels.

While it would have been relatively easy to design the bike to work with larger 29er tyres, Pinarello claims it would have required the chainstays to be too long for the desired handling characteristics.

The bike is compatible with both 1x and double drivetrains in either electronic or mechanical varieties. The front derailleur mount is also removable.

The top-end Grevil+ is constructed using Toray T1100G UD fibres. The entry-level Grevil model is available, which is constructed using Toray T700 fibres.

Both models of the bike will be available in six different paint jobs.

The Grevil is Pinarello’s all-new gravel bike

The two new bikes replace the outgoing GAN GR and GAN GR-S. These bikes featured clearances for tyres only up to 38mm — a relatively conservative figure for today’s adventure-seeking gravelista. 

Interestingly, neither the Grevil or Grevil+ features the elastomer-based suspension developed between HiRide and Pinarello used on the Dogma K10S that we rode a few months ago. This bike seems like an obvious place for this to be employed, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a bike equipped with it in the near future. 

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Pinarello Grevil and Grevil+ frame specifications

  • Grevil+ Toray T1100 carbon, Grevil, T700 carbon
  • Dedicated Onda fork
  • Dedicated aero seatpost
  • ICR internal cable routing, electronic or mechanical groupset
  • Tapered headset
  • Italian thread bottom bracket
  • Aerodynamic Fork Flap
  • Down tube bottle cage
  • Max Tyre: 700c x 42 mm
  • Max Tyre: 650b x 2,1in
  • 1x and 2x crankset option
  • Disc Flat Mount (max Ø160 mm)
  • Front Axle: Ø12 x 100mm Shimano
  • Rear Axle: Ø12 x 142mm Shimano

Pinarello Grevil and Grevil+ geometry

Seat tube (mm) Top tube (mm) Seat tube angle Head angle Front centre (mm) Chainstay (mm) Head tube (mm) BB drop Rake Reach Stack
440  510  74.00  69.50  579  420  105  67  50  353  519 
470  520  73.50  70.00  583  420  110  67  50  359  525 
500  535  73.00  70.50  591  420  120  67  50  368  537 
530  550  72.50  71.00  598  420  135  67  50  374  553 
560  575  72.00  72.00  610  425  160  67  50  386  580 
590  600  72.00  72.50  630  425  190  67  50  402  611