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Pirelli’s latest Scorpion Enduro M tyre looks like a Maxxis Assegai, but with new casing

New SmartGrip gravity compound claimed to offer improved ride quality

Pack shot of Pirelli Scorpion Enduro MTB tread pattern

Pirelli has launched an updated Scorpion M enduro and electric mountain bike tyre with a new tread pattern that looks very similar to Maxxis’ Assegai and SmartGrip Gravity compound.


The Scorpion enduro and electric mountain bike lines currently span three different treads. These include S (soft terrain), R (rear specific) and M (mixed terrain).

The update includes increased tyre casing options across the Enduro tyre range, including a robust HardWALL casing and a lighter-weight ProWALL version.

The brand’s new SmartGrip Gravity compound sees a new mix of materials, claimed to conform better to trail conditions, reduce vibrations, increase grip and boost comfort.

Pirelli says it has revised the layout of the knobs and profile of the M tread, with the blocks higher and reinforced to withstand the loads and forces of a more aggressive riding style.

The brand has also added the SmartGrip compound to the existing Scorpion Enduro S and E-MTB S.

It will be interesting to see how the revised tread pattern and construction perform in the gnar.

When the range initially launched in October 2019, Pirelli claimed the rear-specific R tyre was similar in performance to the M, but had larger central ramps for braking.

It will be interesting to see if the brand updates this variant, following the revisions to the M.

The ProWALL casing option added to the Enduro tyres features sidewall protection bolstered by a layer of nylon designed to protect the tyre against punctures and enhance the handling. This, the brand claims, makes for a more “rideable” tyre.

Pirelli had previously offered the range in its heavier, more rugged HardWALL version.

Will Pirelli’s new tread pattern be the ticket for enduro nirvana?

The brand says it has made these updates to allow a wider range of use for the enduro category from longer rides to enduro racing scenarios.

Pirelli has hinted there are more additions to the range to come at future EWS events and World Cup races.


The tyres retail from £62.99 / €74.90 / $89.90 / AU$129.90 for the Enduro M and rise upwards from there, depending on the model and spec. Availability is expected to be from the end of July.