Pirelli releases road, gravel and MTB-specific tubeless tyre sealants

The sealant is designed to cover the P-Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion ranges 

Pirelli Scorpion tubeless tyre sealant

Pirelli has launched its own tubeless tyre sealant, with specific formulas for each tyre in its range. 


A specific sealant has been developed for its P-Zero road bike tyre range. A separate formula is shared across its Cinturato gravel tyres and Scorpion mountain bike tyres

Pirelli says it needed to develop separate sealants, given the higher pressures used in tubeless road tyres

The P-Zero sealant uses ammonia, latex and micro-sealing particles and is said to not leave a sticky residue in the tyre. The brand also claims it is CO2 compatible. 

The Cinturato and Scorpion sealants are identical, but Pirelli has chosen to release them in two distinct lines in the name of simplicity. 

The Cinturato and Scorpion sealants are said to be “less aggressive” to both equipment and skin because they are ammonia and latex-free. 

Unlike the P-Zero sealant, Pirelli says the Cinturato and Scorpion sealants are only compatible with CO2 for an emergency repair. Pirelli says this is because the CO2 speeds up coagulation, reducing its efficacy. Pirelli recommends the sealant is replaced immediately afterwards if you do use a CO2 cartridge. 

The brand recommends adding fresh sealant every three to six months, regardless of the tyre. How frequently you have to replace the sealant wil depend on how much you ride and the weather conditions. 

All of the sealants are said to work within a temperate range from -20 to 70 degrees celsius. 

The P-Zero and Cinturato sealants will retail for £7.99 in a 60ml variant. 

The Scorpion will retail for £12.99 (240ml), £32.99 (1 litre) or £124.99 (5l). 


International pricing is to be confirmed.