POC’s new SPIN padding is designed to protect your noggin

Silicone injected padding designed to combat rotational energy

Concussions are a serious problem, and we’re only just learning about the long term effects of repeated hits to the head, namely CTE.


In light of this, helmet manufacturers have been quick to add MIPS liners to their lids in an effort to better protect our brains by not only absorbing the impact forces, but also to dissipate the rotation energy. But now, a few brands have branched out and designed their own systems to combat oblique impacts.

Swedish brand POC has announced that its SPIN system, which debuted in its ski helmets at the beginning of the year, will now make the jump to select cycling lids.

SPIN, which stands for ‘Shearing Pad INside’, is not too dissimilar to technologies seen in Leatt’s DBX helmets and Kali Protection’s Interceptor where silicone injected pads used throughout the helmet are designed to allow for a small degree of shear in every direction, thus allowing your head to rotate within the shell in an impact.

The sillicone injected pads are said to allow your head to move within the shell

This is quite clever because POC has essentially taken something that’s already in the helmet, the padding, and given it an additional function with no need for extra parts or liners.

POC will be adding the SPIN pads into its Tectal Race Trail helmet and Octal X XC lid, as well as the new Coron Air full face. An interesting omission from the list is the Octal Road helmet, but we’d say it’s a safe bet the Spin pads will be rolled out across POC’s range.

Coron Air Spin

The Coron Air Spin is the Swedish band’s latest full face MTB lid designed for DH and enduro riders. POC says the Coron Air has been developed with plenty of ventilation channels so the helmet sucks up as much air as possible to keep the rider cool.

The new Coron Air gets POC’s new SPIN padding

According to POC the Coron Air offers the best possible balance between protection, ventilation, weight and comfort, although it doesn’t say how much it actually weighs.

Ora goggle and Clarity lens

Alongside the announcement of the SPIN pads also comes the announcement that POC is adding a ‘Clarity’ lens to its range of sport focused sunnies, as well as the new Ora DH and enduro goggle.

Similar to Prizm, or Chromapop, POC says its Clarity lenses are designed to amplify specific light frequencies found in specific riding environments to provide enhanced contrast and light, namely road, MTB and urban.

The new Ora goggle is designed to integrate with the Tectal Race, Coron Air and Coron

While Clarity may sound a bit like another me-too product, POC collaborated with Carl Zeiss to produce this lens technology and speaking from experience, the Clarity Snow lens is fantastic across a surprisingly wide range of conditions.


The new Ora goggle has been designed to work seamlessly with POC’s range of trail helmets, in particular the Tectal Race, Coron Air and Coron.