Poll: UK’s best urban cycle paths and lanes

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Lytham Blackpool Fleetwood promenade

Join our online poll and help us find the country’s best commuting and city routes – and the best place to cycle overall.


While the UK boasts some of the world’s finest and most varied countryside for cycling in, it would be fair to say our towns and cities have a  much more ‘mixed’ reputation.

An online trawl produces a seemingly inexhaustable list of ‘crap cycle lanes’, as made famous by the book of the same name, but very few shining examples.

There are good examples out there, though they may be few and far between, which allow you to sail past the traffic jams and avoid all the hassle of the rush hour.

And with the recent wave of official cash going to cycling towns and cities, it seems like a good time to canvas opinion.


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