Power for the masses: Watteam’s single leg Powerbeat costs just $260

Price dropped on dual-side Powerbeat and install service, too

Launched a few years back, Watteam’s Powerbeat powermeter was an interesting take on power measurement. The system works with your existing crank (provided it’s alloy), and the DIY installation sees the sensor glued to your crank arms — it is also the first brand to crack the sub $500 dollar power meter.


Now, the brand has added a left side only version of its Powerbeat, priced at $260, making it the most affordable power meter on the market. Claimed to weigh just 21g installed, you’ve still got to glue the unit onto your crank arm — Watteam says it only takes about 30min and there are instructional videos available on its website.

Watteam also says there is no need for factory calibration or service centres, with everything including firmware updates done through its app.

The brand says that the Powerbeat is weather resistant and features built-in temperature compensation.

The downside to these units is you have to install them yourself

Powered by what Wattteam calls ‘the industry’s first ecological battery’ the unit comes with a charger and does not need to be sent away for a battery change as some high-end units do. Claimed battery life is 60 hours and when the battery is low the unit sends a notification to your head unit.

The PowerBeat is compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart and can measure power, torque, efficiency, pedal smoothness and cadence. Not bad for something that costs a little more than what you’d pay a pair of Oakley Jawbreakers.

Should you get buyer’s remorse and want the full dual-side measurement Watteam sells an upgrade kit for another $260.

Left/right power just got cheaper

Watteam has also knocked $100 off its dual side Powerbeat

Along with the announcement of its single leg powe meter, Watteam has also dropped the price of its dual side Powerbeat to just $400 — that’s less than half the price of a Stages, and still cheaper then Power2Max’s new NGeco.

The brand is also offering a deal where you can buy two dual-side Powerbeats for $700, so if you’ve got two bikes you’re keen to put a power meter on, there is no more economical way to do it.

Full service

If you’ve got two bikes that need power meters, or a friend who also wants a power meter Watteam is doing two for $700

For some who are particularly hamfisted mechanics the idea of glueing a precision sensor onto their crank may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Lucky for them, for $100 bucks Watteam will do it for you, meaning even with the install service, dual side power is available for $500, including shipping. Unfortunately, this service is only available in the US, though Watteam plans to expand.