PowerTap power meter prices drop

PowerTap G3 Hub now US$789, down from US$1,299

PowerTap has substantially dropped the pricing on some of its power products, including the PowerTap G3 Hub that falls from US$1,299/£1,080 to US$789/£700. This puts the hub closer to the relatively new Stages Power meter, which starts at US$699.


PowerTap G3 alloy wheels are now US$899/£900, and carbon wheelsets start at US$2,199/£1,945 for G3 Hubs laced to 46mm Reynolds carbon rims. PowerTap has also dropped the price on its Joule and Joule GPS computers, to US$99 (from US$169) and US$219/£195 (from US$269) respectively.

In addition to challenging the Stages Power meter on price, PowerTap has also put its name out there in advance of the much awaited – and much delayed – launch of Garmin’s Vector power meter.

Company PR director Steve Chapin told BikeRadar that the PowerTap pricing change has been in the works for some time.

“We’ve been planning on this for a while now, although the competitive landscape always has a bit of influence,” Chapin said. “Ultimately – and we realize we’re a bit biased here – we’d like to get everyone on power. And this will mean lowering prices. As with most technologies, we foresee prices continuing to be driven down over time, and hopefully we’ll all get to a point where price will no longer be a barrier.”

The powertap g3 hub power meter and wheelsets with the power meter have dropped in price:

PowerTap has dropped prices for its G3 Hub, as well as for carbon and alloy wheelsets with an integrated power meter

Blair Morgan at Paligap, PowerTap’s UK distributor, said the arrival of the new pricing follows closely on the back of the discontinuation of the Pro Hub and means the premium G3 could mop up sales from the cheaper hub.

“The change is pretty much immediate,” said Morgan. “[The Pro] has been phased out over the summer when it sold out, so customers who bought a Pro recently have effectively had an upgrade to the G3.”

He denied any suggestion that the arrival of Garmin’s pedal-based power system had precipitated the price cuts: “The [Garmin] Vector is coming in at a higher price point anyway, and hasn’t actually hit the market yet. For us that’s a really positive thing because people are waiting for it and every time they get another delay, people switch into buying competitors’ products.”


The power products are available for sale at PowerTap.com.