Priority’s new 600 bike ticks all the durability boxes

Internal gearing, belt drive, disc brakes, fenders and more

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Priority’s newest 600 bike is loaded with technology for fun, reliable commuting and both pavement and dirt road riding.

A 12-speed Pinion internal gearbox and belt drive is the heart of this all-road aluminum machine. Priority is taking orders now and has a discount code for free delivery from US mobile bike shop Velofix.

A Gates belt drive keeps maintenance low and grease free

Ready for the urban jungle

With dirt, mud and rocks everywhere, it’s easy to assume mountain bikes live the hardest two-wheel life, but it could be argued that commuting bikes actually bear the biggest burdens. 

To combat some of these challenges, Priority’s 600 does away with the chain, cassette and derailleur(s). In their place is a Pinion C1.12 internal gearbox and a Gates belt drive.

The Pinion gearbox has 12-speed tucked inside of it

The Pinion gearbox houses 12 gears that provide a 600 percent range, which Priority compares to a traditional 3 x 10-speed drivetrain. It’s also claimed to be a sealed system so dirt and grime are practically a non-issue. And it’s housed low and central in the frame for improved weight balance. 

A Gates belt resides where there’s typically a chain. By using a belt drive, Priority touts increased smoothness, zero rust, and no oil, grease or maintenance. 

Other urban commuting features include the fenders, a kickstand, reflective accents on the frame, and front and rear dynamo-powered lights.

All-road capable

Priority states the 600 is equally at home out of the city and off the pavement

For those commutes that turn into adventures, the 600 comes with 650b WTB rims, 47mm wide WTB Horizon tubeless-ready tires and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. 

WTB also contributes the 27.5in rims and the ergo grips and saddle.

According to Priority, there are provisions for racks on the rear and side-mounted accessories on the front. 

Three sizes, one color

Bikes are priced at £1,655 / $2,199 / AU$2,936 and available in three sizes: 17in, 19in, and 21in. They’re also available in any color, as long as it’s black.

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Priority is taking orders now on its site and offering a coupon code for free Velofix delivery for customers in the US. If you’re outside the US, don’t despair, Priority ships internationally as well.