PRO adjustable fit components for Missile Evo aero bars

Multi-Fit system for raising arm rests by up to 10cm

PRO have announced a new Multi-Fit system for their Missile Evo aero bars. The new riser kit will offer triathletes and time trialists the ability to raise their forearms by up to 10cm. Adjustments can be made in increments of 10mm using spacers.


The adjustable fit kit was developed after feedback from professional triathletes and time trial specialists showed that most riders want the option of raising the arm rests on their bars.

PRO claim that the new fit options will make it easier for riders to optimise their position on the bike, offering the flexibility and ease of a modular build-up system.

The adjustable fit system will be sold in individual packages, with separate components to alter pad placement, extension bends and bar height and width.


You can take a closer look at the new Missile Evo aero bars and the Multi-Fit system on the PRO Bike Gear website.