PRO debuts clincher Tri-spoke aero wheel and new MTB saddles

Aero speed in a clincher, and comfort for MTBers

With Eurobike kicking off today, and among all the new bits of tech, PRO has lifted the veil on a clincher version of its Tri-spoke TT/triathlon wheel, as well as three new off-road saddles — including an eMTB specific perch.


Tri-spoke clincher

Now you can have the speed of a tri-spoke wheel with the convenience of a clincher

According to PRO, the Tri-spoke clincher gets the same trickled down technology from the tubular version of the wheel, including its shape and aerodynamics.

Made with a 3k 2×2 Twill weave and wide 65mm deep rim, Pro says the Tri-spoke clincher is best paired with 25c tires. The wheel also appears to have an alloy brake track.

While a clincher version of a pure race wheel may seem counterintuitive to some, as PRO points out, for us mere mortals who don’t have a team car full of spares, a puncture on a tubular tyre is a royal pain in the butt.

So the brand wanted to offer the same high-speed aerodynamics with the practicality of being able to quickly repair punctures on the roadside.

Based around an Ultegra 6800 hub, the Tri-spoke-Clincher is claimed to weigh 1,040g and comes with a protective wheel bag.

The Tri-spoke Clincher will be available from January 2018, and pricing is to be announced.

Griffon and Turnix saddles

In collaboration with, PRO conducted pressure mapping studies to look at different bike positions

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, PRO has also announced two new enduro, trail and all-mountain saddles and an eMTB specific saddle.

According to a collaborative pressure mapping study conducted by and PRO, MTB riders are often sacrificing comfort by using saddles that may not be ideal for the different positions of road, XC, trail and enduro bikes.

Taking into account that MTB saddles need to be able to withstand a fair bit of abuse, and with the results of the pressure mapping study, Pro has created MTB specific version of its Griffin and Trunix saddles.

PRO says the Griffon saddle has a flatter profile with a narrower tail section with a deeper side wall for less flexible riders who tend to move around more

These saddles see a wider nose in an effort to give the rider a more supportive platform on steep climbs and wider mid-section, which is claimed to improve handling and cornering stability.

The cover is a PU material with a grippier feel to reduce movement of the rider on the saddle, and the material on the side has a durable and rubberised feel to protect the base and padding from damage.

According to Pro the Turnix saddle has a contoured profile with a wider tail for more flexible riders moving less on the saddle

Claimed to weigh 216g for the Griffin and 22g for the Turnix, both come in three widths, have fiber-reinforced nylon bases, INOX steel alloy rails and accessory mounts for race plates, fenders and cameras.


There are a few e-MTB specific saddles hitting the market, and according to PRO, e-MTB riders generally spend less time getting out of the saddle to push hard through steep sections.

PRO also says that because they are pushing less force through their pedals, they are putting more weight into their saddles, and the Volture was conceived to offer more padding and greater comfort to e-MTB riders.

The Volture is PRO’s e-MTB specific saddle

The Volture e-MTB saddle has additional padding for more comfort in the rear of the saddle, a wider nose design that Pro says offers stability and better handling, and a higher tail for improved power transfer.

Available in two widths, the Volture e-MTB saddle is claimed to weigh 235g and comes with a saddle accessory mount.


All three saddles will be available in January 2018, and pricing is to be announced.